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Tips for Choosing a Letting Agent Derby

Tips for Choosing a Letting Agent Derby

When you've got a property in Derby that you'd like to rent out, then you need to know that you have chosen the best letting agent to match your needs. There has been a rapid growth in the number of people buying property to rent, and it is considered as one of the best investment options available to the public. There are more privately rented properties in the UK than ever before, and that means it is now essential that property owners wishing to let their property choose the right letting agent. With the right choice of letting agent, your property can generate a passive income that can change your life. Here are some essential tips for ensuring that you choose the right letting agent in Derby today.

Consider Geography

Your letting agent will be much more useful to you if they are based in the same location as your property. It simply makes sense to use a letting agent in Derby if your property is in Derby. Not only will it make the process of property viewing easier, but it also makes dealing with on-site issues less time-consuming. That can be critical in the long-term.

Check Services

Letting agents will provide you with a variety of services that can make it more stress-free to rent out your property. With options for tenant-find services right up to full management services, you need to have an idea of how much involvement you want with your let, and which services you're going to need as a result. Always check that your letting agent will carry out the basics of an initial let, including services like tenant reference checks and Right to Let checks. If you are leasing a property for the first time, then full management services should be your priority unless you're planning to be a more hands-on landlord.

Marketing and Tenant Sourcing

If your property is uninhabited, then it will not be earning you any income. You need to know that your letting agent has experience when it comes to advertising your property and finding the right tenants as quickly as possible. Experienced letting agents will be able to advise you on how much rent you can expect to charge, and will use multiple channels to promote your property for as long as it remains empty.

Know Your Costs

One of the most important checks to make when choosing a letting agent in Derby is that you know how much their services are going to cost. You will also need to ensure that all payment arrangements are clear and understandable. Many of the laws have changed in recent years regarding how much letting agents can charge both landlords and tenants in terms of fees. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you are expected to pay, what is no longer necessary, and what future legislation changes will mean to you.

Buying a property to let can be life-changing, but it is not without risks. Make sure that you take the time to find the right letting agent in Derby, and your chances of having a positive experience as a landlord will be far more likely. Do your research, know what you need from your letting agent, and your Derby property could be generating you an income more quickly than you thought possible.